A Kaleidoscope of Puppets in Kimberley!

WP Puppet Theatre was delighted to be part of the Kaleidoscope Festival in Kimberley, BC in the summer of 2016!


On a rainy Saturday in the Platzl we set up to make colourful paper folded birds. Over 50 kids braved the weather and made a feathered friend although there were also some bats and pterodactyls. Tam brought out his feathered friend OWL and charmed families although a dog was so scared by giant raptor it was driven to hide behind his owners knees.



Wendy and Tam were a tremendous addition to our Kimberley Kaleidoscope Festival. The Saturday workshops were wonderful, the Sunday performance was splendid, and the Monday workshop was just so enjoyable. We at the Kimberley Arts Council were completely satisfied and pleased by the addition of WP Puppet Theatre to our mix. Thank you so much for bringing such joy and education to our town! – Elaine


On Sunday evening Wendy Passmore-Godfrey performed Pigs in a Canoe and Other Watery Stories to an audience at the Centre 64. A lovely little theatre – we lots of fun – with adults laughing along with kids. A photo scrum after the show and questions.


Monday we had an extended workshop with older kids and adults making a simple and versatile rod puppet, which participants turned into everything from princesses to house flies. We culminated with everyone performing little playlets about two characters meeting.

Tam and Wendy enjoyed wonderful hospitality and scenery through the weekend as well as the other events at the Kaleidoscope Festival. Good time! thank you to the Kimberley Arts council – Centre 64 Society.

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