Drop By Workshops

Drop-By Workshops

Drop-by workshops are great for outdoor festivals and events.  Cut, fold and colour. It’s that easy to make your own feathered friend puppet with fun paper sculpture techniques. Celebrate real or imaginary birds that can sing, squawk or flap their wings.  Great for all ages.  Materials and tools supplied.  We can create a drop-by workshop to fit any theme to suit your event.


ETNA3GShadow Puppets

Great for an inside venue either drop-by or by registration.  Have fun exploring shadow puppetry: make some simple shadow puppets and play your own story. Use sample shadow puppets and join in a group performance. Experiment with light sources, play with materials and learn some neat tricks of the trade.  Great for all ages, materials and tools supplied including a 5 ft x 10 ft screen.

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Use our online form to book a workshop or contact Wendy Passmore-Godfrey for more information at admin@wppuppet.com or 403.228.3373.