Puppet Power 2015: IFAO School Programming

As part of Puppet Power 2015, WPTS is pleased to take part in the upcoming International Festival of Animated Objects in Calgary, Alberta from March 7 – March 15, 2015. IFAO is a biennial festival dedicated to puppetry, mask and animated objects and will feature “Engaging Thinkers – The Learning Component”, which has been coordinated by our own, Wendy Passmore-Godfrey. IFAO’s full line-up and performer schedule is set to be released on February 12, 2015, but in the meantime, we’re eager to share our programming for local schools.

Engaging Thinkers” features a series of Artist Talks, Workshops and Performances staring artists from around the world surrounding a number of disciplines, themes and cultures and is available for English, French and Hebrew audiences. Exploring a wide range of subjects including, Hoop Dance, Puppet Manipulation, 3D & Stop Motion Animation, the Holocaust, Archetypes in Clowning and Japanese Bunraku Puppetry, IFAO offers a unique and engaging way to deliver lessons related to history, art, technology, theatre and story-telling for students grades K-12.

Teachers: to book a workshop or talk for your Junior or Senior High school class, please contact Wendy Passmore-Godfrey at wppuppet@telus.net or call 403 228 3373 




The Founder and Artistic Director of WPTS will host an introductory workshop on the ancient Japanese tradition of Bunraku Pupptry. Students will explore the fun and challenges of multiple puppet operators, the “tayu” and improvisation games.
Available for Junior High Schools and High Schools in English on March 9 & 10


Mooky Cornish (Cumberland, ON)
Exploring how archetypes and characterization in puppetry and clowning are part of a larger continuum of myth-making and the wonders of existence. Drawing from his experience as a professional clown, including time spent as a lead clown in Cirque du Soleil, Cornish taps into the power of archetypal roles in a variety of situations.
Available for High Schools in English on March 10 & 11


Mooky Cornish  - WP Puppet Theatre
Magali Chouinard (Montreal)
Discover the ways performers incorporate poetry, music and manipulation into their pieces and the ways that symbolism and metaphors help to develop characters and give life to puppets. Learn about Chouinard’s creative process and how to make puppets truly breathe.
Available for High Schools in English & French on March 12


WP Puppet Theatre

 Sandra Lamouche (Alberta)
The teachings of hoop dance include equality, balance, reciprocity and responsibility. Watch and learn as Lamouche transforms the hoop into a powerful “animated object” that can help shape and guide communities.
Available for K-12 in English on March 12 & 13




Trunk Puppet (The Old Trout Puppet Workshop)
Take a look inside the trunk and discover what happens when you dare to unlatch the Big Box of Life! This show will push the boundaries of how we experience puppetry with playing and clowning releasing the imposed control of the puppeteer and giving way to the unbridled existence of the puppet!
For general booking enquires, contact Peter at 403.473.0304 or pete@theoldtrouts.org



Yael Rasooly, (Israel)
The story of three young girls whose lives and families are torn apart while in hiding during the Holocaust who, in spite of their tragic reality, experience a force of imagination that cannot be silenced. Rasooly discusses the show’s creation process and the delicate pairing of humour and hardship.
Available for High Schools in English & Hebrew on March 11


Leo Wieser (Calgary)
Examining 3D and digital animation technology, including shooting on an iPhone and SLR camera, and how it can be used to tell great stories. Wieser comes armed with a wide breadth of experience in theatre and film as well as industry recognition for his company’s film, Skeleton Girl, Canada’s first native 3D and stop animation film.
Available for High Schools in English on March 9 & 10 




Teachers: to book a workshop or talk for your Junior or Senior High school class, please contact Wendy Passmore-Godfrey at wppuppet@telus.net or call 403 228 3373 

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