How Pigs in a Canoe links to K-6 Curriculum – from Art to Science

WP-Puppeteers-219723-webWhen we produce a show we are keen to bridge puppet and theatre artistry with the learning goals of our school audiences, thus the curriculum is always back of mind.

We are pleased that our production of Pigs in a Canoe and Other Watery Stories and the French language version, Petits Cochons dans un Canot, connects to K-6 curriculum in so many ways including the following:


  • Grades K-6: curriculum links to art, language arts, music, and drama for all grades
  • Grade 1 Social Science link—Canada’s past: one of the stories in the performance is based on an historic story of transporting seven pigs down the Red River to Winnipeg in 1817.
  • Grade 2 Science link—Water Cycle: A puppet water droplet cycles through the water phases of liquid, solid and vapour as well as going through the inside of a cow, a freezer, a sewer and more!
  • Grade 3 Science link—Ocean Life: Different sea life and ocean habitat is introduced, in a beautiful shadow puppet section, when a puppet asks “how deep is the sea?”
  • Grade 4 Science link—Waste/Reuse/Recycle/Reduce: one of the stories is an environmental tale related to modern water issues. Most of the puppets are also made from recycled materials.
  • Grade 5 Social Science and Science links: stories of Canada and the historic Red River, and the study guide includes activities for learning about wetlands and surface run-off water issues.
  • Grade 6: Many activities in the study guide are geared for grade six (a math puzzle for example) and an advanced Q&A is dedicated to grade 6 students.

We are now booking the production Pigs in a Canoe and Other Watery Stories and Petits Cochons dans un Canot throughout Alberta!  Hilarious stories, historical anecdotes, fascinating facts, original music and text, explore humankind’s intricate relationship with water.

This 45 minute performance is ideal for grades K-6 and can accommodate 150 audience per show. We can perform up to three shows per day and additional shows have a reduced rate!


An exciting ‘in-school field trip’ for only $3-$5 per student—in English or French!

Pigs in a Canoe comes with an extensive 60 page Study Guide (Pigs_in_a_Canoe_Study_Guide) which outlines activities in the subjects of math, science, social science, art, music, language arts, and drama!  Petits Cochons dans un Canot also comes with a pre-show study guide to prepare early French learners.  

Enhance the performance of Pigs in a Canoe with a workshop or residencyOur artistic director, Wendy Passmore-Godfrey, has over 25 years teaching experience and can customize a workshop or residency to meet your teaching goals and can link to any curriculum, from art to math. Wendy also offers Professional Development sessions on teaching through, in and about puppetry.

Puppetry appeals to diverse learning styles and motivates students
by simply having fun!

Contact us today to discuss an engaging puppet program for your students: 403-228-3373 or or book a performance with our on-line booking form!



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