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Shaw TV
April 15, 2016

View from the Inside


Avenue Magazine
April 4, 2016

This Is My City and WP Puppet Theatre Society Are Unmasking Mental Wellness
View From the Inside is a series of workshops where participants create two-sided masks. It’s encouraging the mask creators to open up about themselves and their mental wellness.
by Shelley Arnush

The interior of Kakakaway’s mask.

The interior of Kakakaway’s mask.

We often think of a mask as something that conceals identity. But a project by WP Puppet Theatre Society and supported by This Is My City Art Society is using masks to get people to reveal truths about themselves and speak out about mental wellness.

View From The Inside leads participants through a series of workshops to create a two-sided mask — the outside depicting how they present themselves to the public (or how the public might perceive them) and the inside of the mask depicting the private and the personal. They then embellish the mask with appendages, such as a length of cord, to represent ties to their communities. The final stage involves creating a performance or artist’s statement with the mask as a focal point. > read more


United Today Blog
April 14, 2016

The View From Behind The Mask

Mask by Wendy Martin.

Mask by Wendy Martin.

“The workshop was about the inner and outer expression – the things we want to hide on the inside. It asks the who, the why, the what. I discovered I am seeking all the time to discover the joy of life.”

Garrison Green resident Wendy Martin was part of a workshop developed by WP Puppet Theatre called View From the Inside: Courage Journey as part of the larger city-wide arts festival, This is My City. The project asked participants – including those at United Active Living’s Garrison Green community – to create mask-body puppets that express who they are.  > read more


Alberta Primetime
Nov 10, 2015

Interview with Artistic Director Wendy Passmore-Godfrey about View from the Inside on Alberta Primetime.


Metro News Calgary
November 4, 2015

metro-revisedThanks to Metro Calgary, Jeremy Simes and Jennifer Friessen for the article about our project View from the Inside, a puppetry based arts project exploring the experiences of Calgarians who struggle in different ways with mental wellness.

” Glenn Taylor, who’s a drama consultant for the project — along with four others — said he’s seen participants become liberated when they paint.

“For me, the highlight has been seeing this sense of empowerment that seems to come through in this art making process,” Taylor said. “I’m a strong believer that working in a symbolic form is up-lifting.”  read more

. . . Colin Menzies, program manager at Studio C — which will host the next mask painting sessions — said he thinks View from the Inside will break down many barriers.

“(The project) is so cool,” he said. “It’s empowering for youth who struggle with mental health to share their stories.”  read more


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