Looking Back: Puppet Pop-Up Studio 2015

In May of 2015 we launched Puppet Pop-Up Studio on a rainy afternoon in Sunnyside.  Looking back, here are some of the workshops we facilitated in the different communities of Calgary.

Puppet Pop-Up Studio: True Story, May 2015

On May 16, 2015, we popped into the Sunnyside Community Centre to make paper puppets and perform “True Story” by Shel Silverstein with our puppets.

Puppet Pop-Up Studio: Sunshine Shadow Puppets, June 2015

On June 20, 2015, we popped into the Dalhousie Community Centre to create shadow puppets using the sun as our light source and sidewalk as out screen.

Puppet Pop-Up Studio: Puppet Picnic, July 2015

On Saturday July 18th, 2015 we had a puppet picnic in Edworthy Park.  We gathered for a picnic and made puppet characters from yarn, raffia and other bits and sods.  Our puppeteers played picnic games with their puppets including a potato sack race, three-legged puppet race, pin the tale on the donkey and a puppet obstacle course.

Puppet Pop-Up Studio: SMART Beakers (part of Beakerhead), September 2015

On Saturday September 19th, 2015 we joined Beakerhead with “SMART Beakers” at Fort Calgary. We transformed ordinary beakers into cool puppet with simply engineered blinking eyes.  We added some arms and hands and then animate our puppet to generate some scientific facts.

Puppet Pop-Up Studio: Bean Bag Puppets, October 2015

On October 17, 2015, we popped into Crowfoot Calgary Public library to make bean bag puppets. We performed “Look in a Book” by Ivy O Eastwick.

Puppet Pop-Up Studio: The Snow Show, November 2015

On November 21, 2015 we popped up at Archeloft to make paper mache snowman puppets in collaboration with the book The Snow Show by Carolyn Fisher.

Puppet Pop-Up Studio: Rudolph Puppets, December 2015

On December 19, 2015 we popped up at the Judith Umbach Calgary Public Library and made Rudolph the multi-coloured Nosed Reindeer.