Pigs in a Canoe and other Watery Stories, and our French language version, Petits Cochons dans un Canot, The Greedy Frog, and Why the Rabbits Nose Wiggles, are available for bookings for camps, schools, festivals and community events.  Use our online form to book a show or contact Wendy Passmore-Godfrey for more information at or 403.228.3373.

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Pigs in a CanoePigs in a Canoe and other Watery Stories / Petits Cochons dans un Canot

Young audiences ages 4-10 will have the opportunity to meet seven adorable pigs (in a canoe), the greedy frog, shadowy creatures from the deep, and other watery puppet characters in Pigs in a Canoe, in English or in French. Hilarious stories, historical anecdotes, fascinating facts, interactive songs, sayings and axioms explore humankind’s intricate relationship with water. Told with a variety of unique puppets this show will inspire both thinking and laughing.

  • Ages 4 and up, maximum 150 people
  • Approximately 50 minutes
  • Performance area 20 x 18 feet, indoors or outdoors (tented only), power required

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Puppet show offering education
Okotoks: Calgary company addresses water issues in a playful light

by Tammy Rollie, Okotoks Western Wheel, November 25, 2015

Calgary puppeteers hope to heighten the imaginations of children and adults alike with humourous stories, historical anecdotes and fascinating songs this week. > read more


WP-Puppeteers-219615-webThe Greedy Frog

Originally an Australian folktale, about a frog who swallowed all the water in the world, The Greedy Frog is given a modern overtone with found object puppets and modern water issues. A child holds the key to the padlock though and saves the world!  The Greedy Frog can be performed both indoors and outdoors.  This is a short performance that kids can participate in followed by a puppet making activity.

  • Ages 4 and up, maximum 150 people
  • Performance area 20 x 18 feet indoors
  • Approximately 30 minutes


Puppet Residency 065

Photo by Myrna Dembicki

Why the Rabbit’s Nose Wiggles

Watch the first part of this charming folk tale then make your own paper sculpture puppet, following simple directions or creating your own design. Finish the story together with everyone’s puppets.  Take your puppet friend home and create your own puppet shows!

  • Audience: Ages 4 and up, maximum 25 children
  • Running time: Approximately 1 hour