Puppetry might be called the original social media! For hundreds, if not thousands of years, puppetry has been used to communicate, inform and convince. A puppet’s ego-less character and entertaining manner makes it an effective messaging medium.  WP Puppet Theatre seeks to engage the community be working collaboratively through commissions and special projects.  For more information please contact contact Wendy Passmore-Godfrey for more information at or 403.228.3373.


BrainiacWe accept commissions to craft puppets or whole puppet shows to help other Calgary organizations to celebrate, explain, teach, convince or entertain. We’ve created:

  • Giant eggplants for a movie
  • Ugly trolls for a play * Storybook Theatre’s Hobbit – spring 2015
  • Found object puppets for a children’s choral concert * Mount Royal Conservatory’s Spring Song “Tic-a-Toc
  • Court room puppets to aid child witnesses
  • Wearable puppets for a dance company



Performance Projects


Photo by Sean Dennie


In 2014 we asked, “Can we make a Puppet Show in 8 hours?”

We’d like to report a big YES!

Five brave folks joined Wendy (Artistic Director, WP Puppet Theatre) for one evening and all day Saturday and developed a 10 minute piece that we ‘world premiered’ at the Calgary Animated Object Society’s Dolly Wiggler Cabaret.

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Puppets tell the story of mental health issues – a work in progress

At our 2013 Puppet Power Conference we initiated a Rapid Idea Generation (RIG) panel as a significant component of the conferences. Using the expertise of our visiting speakers we demonstrate how artists and a community organization, such as an NGO or NFP can create an exciting and effective puppet infused program to support the programs of a pre-selected organization. After the conference, WP Puppet Theatre is continuing to work with the selected organization to complete the project, including seeking funding.  Our project from 2013 will use a community engagement process to develop a puppet-based arts experience that will ‘tell the stories’ of people with mental health issues:

  • In order to create empathy, provide understanding/acceptance and initiate conversation on mental illness within mainstream society, particularly for a youth audience.
  • To provide opportunities and promote self- knowledge for recognition and diagnoses for young people with mental illness.

We invite organizations that are interested in being part of this project to contact us at for more information.