Puppet Portfolios 2016


new PUPPET PORTFOLIOS twitterHow have you used puppets (or a related genre) to connect, celebrate or build community between generations?

For our upcoming conference, Puppet Power 2016: Connecting Generations (May 27-29), we ask the question: “How have you used puppets (or a related genre) to connect, celebrate or build community between generations?” Our Puppet Portfolios Series will help us to bridge conference subjects and speakers, discover the endless ways in which we can use puppets as part of creative expression and be a platform to generate thought-provoking conversations surrounding controversial and significant social issues.

Puppet Portfolios brings together speakers from around the world to deliver fast paced, concise presentations. Accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation or video, speakers are given eight minutes to deliver a talk expanding on the conference theme. Speakers can present live or send in a video (an honorarium will be given).  Presentations may be made in French as we can provide a translator.

Please submit your presentation outline and form before December 1, 2015.

Download the Puppet Portfolios 2016 Submission Form

Building Bridges through Puppetry


Connecting Generations will examine the compelling strength of puppetry in advocating, educating and celebrating community connections across generations.  Puppet Portfolio presentations will help us bridge conference subjects.  There are many types of bridges and bridge builders. Puppets are among the best because they are fun! However, buried within that puppet fun is a whole lot of psychology, a long history of rebel rousing, large doses of creativity, and a catalyst for thought-provoking experience and conversation.

Educators, health care professionals, activists, artists, thought leaders and idea generators will enjoy and benefit from this unique event. Master puppet practitioners will provide inspiration, confidence and resources to use puppetry to:

  • Strategically to build bridges within families, neighbourhoods and organizations,
  • Link wisdom, training and energy across generations,
  • Create strong communities that are more than the sum of their parts.



We are pleased to include Calgary’s Mark Hopkins (Swallow-A-Bicycle, We Should Know Each Other, High Performance Rodeo) as a juror and event host for Puppet Portfolios 2016.



Apply today and download the Puppet Portfolios 2016 Submission Form or email Wendy Passmore-Godfrey at admin@wppuppet.com for more information


Past Speakers

Puppet Power 2013 featured a variety of presenters from across Canada and the US, as well as Israel, Chile and the Netherlands, who were impassioned by the endless ways in which we can use puppets as part of creative expression.

Andrea Halwas (Calgary AB) – Puppets in Grief Management
Joanne Oussoren & Frans Hakkemars (Rotterdam, NL) – Droomtheatre in Rotterdam
Sara Clark (Calgary, AB) – Is Avenue Q Just for Fun
Carmen-Luz Materana (Chile) – Chilean Disappearances
Karin Millson (Calgary, AB) – Kreatures: Attenborough-esque Puppet Moments
Carol Sterling (New York, NY) – Making the Compelling Case for Puppetry in the Curriculum
Lisa Sturz (Asheville, NC) – BeeSting
Val Hilliker (Bluffton, AB) – Laughter is the Best Medicine
Dina Kaplan (Chicago, IL) & Rachel Dan (Israel) – The EGG

For more info, please email Wendy Passmore-Godfrey at admin@wppuppet.com