Puppet Power 2015 – IFAO Learning Component (Public)

As part of Puppet Power 2015, WPTS is pleased to take part in the upcoming International Festival of Animated Objects in Calgary, Alberta from March 7 – March 15, 2015. IFAO is a biennial festival dedicated to puppetry, mask and animated objects and will feature “Engaging Thinkers – The Learning Component”, which has been coordinated by our own, Wendy Passmore-Godfrey.

The Learning Component includes a series of Artist Talks, Workshops and Performances featuring renowned artists from across the globe for local schools and for the public.

Admission for the public panels range from $10 – $55 with discounts for CAOS members and children. You can also purchase a Yoda Learning Pass (valued at $160) for $80 which gives you access to the entire public Learning Component panel and demonstration series.


Thursday Thinking – March 12 – 12:30PM (60 min) – The #1 Legion

Does puppet theatre help us understand our world? Artists Alice Nelson, Alain MoreauKenn McLeod & Chrystene Ells answer how a puppet, with a brain made of fluff or wood, plays a role in sociology, psychology, and other ‘ologies’.


Breakfast with Sleepy Artists – March 14 – 10AM (60 min) – The #1 Legion

Brave, sleep-deprived panellists Peter Balkwill (Famous Puppet Death Scenes / Trunk Puppet),  Berny Hi (Prairie Puppet Underground), Sandra Lamouche (Sagowsko),  Rowan Pantel (Prairie Puppet Underground) and Alice Nelson will face a challenge. They’ll be shown a photo of a person, place or event, and then have three minutes to brainstorm how puppets or objects could be used to interpret that photo. After the artists explain their interesting, exciting and random thoughts, the audience votes on a variety of awards.


Giving Life to Material – March 15 – 10AM (60 min) – The #1 Legion

Learn techniques on giving life and character to a puppet, how to represent feelings, and how to make a puppet breathe. Magali Chouinard will talk about her influences and creative process, leading participants through a playful workshop on puppet manipulation.(Puppets supplied).

BIAŁA KOBIETA, fot_ Dan Davis

Moving and Making Puppets – March 15 – 3:30PM (3 hours) – The #1 Legion

With only newspaper and masking tape, learn to build a puppet, how to move it with sensitivity and then bring it to life through a short story. Anne Lalancette, the doyenne of Montreal’s dynamic puppetry scene, shares secrets and techniques on the art of animating objects.


Puppetry for Green Screen – March 14 – 12PM (2 hours) – Emmedia 

This hands-on workshop with Berny Hi and Chrystene Ells of Regina, take you through a simple green screen shoot, including footage upload, green screen removal, and superimposing puppets into far-out environments. Bring puppets, dolls, or objects to play with, and learn to create movie magic from your own living room.


Polystyrene Carving Workshop – March 14 – 12PM (60 min) – The #1 Legion

After viewing In the Workshop, flock to the Legion, grab a set of carving tools to begin sculpting your own puppet under Tof Theatre’s guidance. We know that an hour is not enough to complete a puppet, however, you will have the keys for finishing it up at home, and the inspiration to bring it to life.


Complete information on The Learning Component can be found here.

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