Puppet Power Conference Logo. The word Puppet has each letter on a string with a blue digital spiral-wave background

The Puppet Power conference explores the theory and practice of how puppetry arts promote positive social change. It provides inspiration, modelling, peer mentorship and alliance-building, as well as hands-on training in all facets of using puppets.

About the Conference

Produced biennially by WP Puppet Theatre Society since 1999, previous themes have included, multiculturalism & diversity, literacy, therapy, social action, and intergenerational communities. Past international keynote speakers include Carrie Marshall (Scotland), Judith O’Hare (Boston), Gary Friedman (Australia), and Martin Robinson from Sesame International (New York). Many other local, national, emerging and professional presenters have also been part of Puppet Power.

The conference draws around one hundred local and national attendees from three demographics: helping Professionals i.e. teachers, social workers, therapists, health care workers; artists looking to extend their practice by making connections; and thought leaders, idea generators and students.


Updates for the next Puppet Power Conference in 2022 are here!


Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.