View from the Inside Workshops

View from the Inside: Courage Journey Workshops

Now available for bookings for 10-20 people
An amazing puppet-based workshop series: Participants create a beautiful piece of work that gives voice to their story, provides self reflection, builds resiliency, creates community and raises a sense of self worth.

Courage Journey is a series of mask-body puppet workshops available for booking by organizations, companies, communities, or any group (teens to seniors) who is interested in exploring self-realization through fun, creativity, and performance.

The workshops, facilitated by professional project leaders, create a safe, welcoming environment to build confidence, coping and leadership skills, self-esteem, mental wellness, and resiliency. Attendees are guided through a non-judgmental art making process where stories will inspire the creation of mask-body puppets.  Participants will have the opportunity to bring to light their experiences of challenges and resiliency through art making, storytelling, movement, live puppetry performance, and media technologies. The project results will be featured in a number of authentic art displays.

Emerging research suggests that creative arts therapies and experiences can help to reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem and quality of life. This occurs through increasing understanding and acceptance, reducing isolation, and providing an outlet for expression – acting as bridge to healing and compassion for self and others.

While the individuals who participate in the program may face many barriers including homelessness, learning delays, and isolation; or a more general level of stress, a common thread that binds us all together is the essential experience and fluid nature, the highs and lows, of mental wellness.

For more information please contact Wendy Passmore-Godfrey at or 403-228-3373

> Apply for a complimentary three hour View from the Inside: Courage Journey Workshop!

Video about View from the Inside 2015/16:

The Program

There are life experiences, which cannot be described literally but can be expressed symbolically.

  1. Session one: PUBLIC ME
    1. What are puppets? Metaphor? A visual poem?
    2. Circle of Trust & Team building
    3. Paint, tattoo and pattern exterior of mask to represent the ‘you’ you present to the public. (Think also of how the public might perceive you)
  2. Session two: PRIVATE ME
    1. Gather photos, write words, poetry, I- Tune playlists, newspaper headlines etc., add other ephemerae.: lock of hair from a pet, that represent inner thoughts.
    2. Paper-mache these into inside of mask. Hide completely or pocket
    3. Comments and Reflections
  3. Session three: CONNECTED TO ME
    1. Attach objects in some way around the mask head – i.e.: wire aura, tendrils, spikes, enmeshed, braided into the hair that represent your relationships and history.
    2. Gallery of puppets. Comments and reflection.
  4. Session four: CONNECTED TO ME (cont.)
  5. Session five: PRESENTING ME
    1. Puppet manipulation basics.
    2. Present a monologue, artist’s statement, or discuss the creative process. Work with a partner. Use music if wished. Perform live or do a voice over.
    3. Record and video. (As participants feel comfortable with) and Journal.
  6. Session six: PRESENTING ME (cont.)


8 Session OPTION:

Basic mask is made using gypsum plaster face-molding process. If this option is selected two additional sessions would be done prior to the Program described above:
1. TRUST ME                    2. MAKING ME

6-8 hour OPTION:

As in the basic program but moves along faster without much reflection time. Best for participants who a) already know each other, b) are working on general well being.

3-4 hour OPTION:

A shortened version using card stock and ephemera to create mask – body puppet. The valuable discussions, reflection and sharing components are still part of the workshop.

> Apply for a complimentary three hour View from the Inside: Courage Journey Workshop!


The following video is from a one day workshop with a youth group:


Program Logistics

WP Puppet Theatre provides:

  • All materials and tools, edited video of the final sharing.
  • Assistance with participant recruitment i.e.: postcards, live visit
  • We are prepared to assist in funding applications and to discuss our fees.

Client provides:

  • Venue with tables, chairs and Staff liaison
  • Minimum of 10 participants
  • Maximum of 20 participants


For more information please contact Wendy Passmore-Godfrey at or 403-228-3373