View from the Inside

WP Puppet Theatre invites you to explore your creativity
through the extraordinary art of puppetry


“Powerful and impactful. Uniquely resonating”

VIEW from the Inside is an award-winning program that invites you to explore your creativity in a friendly, supportive community. In the 8-week course participants make a self- portrait- based puppet which becomes a nuanced artifact resulting in an amazing legacy project!

“From the moment the box of art supplies arrived on my doorstep it led me on a
journey of confidence to do more art and play”


The VIEW program is authentic, affirming and fun. The thoughtfully sequenced sessions will walk you through skill building, storytelling, concepts and information and group discussion, while fostering confidence and self-discovery. The facilitators are helpful and will even host open sessions for one-on-one review and special tips and tricks.

We will guide you in the construction of the puppet, using a pre-made mask form and various art techniques. It represents your ‘public face’, your connections to the world and your memories. Next, we coach you on how to present ‘performative-reflections’ derived from your journaling and other writings.  And finally, we visually archive your stories and celebrate it all in a special sharing event.

At this time, we are delivering the program online via computer, enabling geographic, financial and easy access for people across the continent to sign up!

Register in the VIEW from the Inside Fall Course HERE


“Everything was special, the whole thing. It made you accept yourself, all sides… love yourself,
plus it was great to meet all the other people in the class” 

Who Benefits?

Mental health affects everyone regardless of age, education, income or culture and VIEW’s impact has compelled WP Puppet Theatre to find ways to expand to serve two specific populations seniors and students in grades 9 to 12 but can be adapted for staff team building, and self care workshops. We will work you to tailor the program to fit the your participants’ needs.

Check out our  Healing Ointment Exhibit This is an art exhibit inspired by, and in response to, participant’s stories from the VIEW program. Additionally it provides resources and links to organizations supporting positive mental health.



Want to learn more about View from the Inside? Read more here.

“Art has the ability to heal and transform. Art has the ability to soothe your soul…
The process of doing the mask and evaluating who am I, helped get back in touch with who I lost” 

Booking Information

Would you like to bring VIEW from the Inside to your school or organization? Find more information here, or contact admin@wppuppet.com or 403.228.3373.

VIEW from the Inside is funded by donations, sponsorships, or grants. Your support will create opportunities for people to experience improved mental health and community connection by taking part in VIEW without barrier.

“The experience brought me joy and poignancy as I (re) discovered aspects of myself…
it provided a time capsule of when and where I was at the moment”




Performative Reflections:

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.