AROC and EDIA Work: A start…

EDIA and AROC work startAROC and EDIA Work: A start

In 2020, Arts organizations within Calgary and across Canada were called to start or step-up Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA) in all aspects of their operations, consider their 35/50 response, and evaluate and build Anti-Racism (AROC) best practices. 

We are grateful to have received funding through the Multiculturalism, Indigenous and Inclusion Grant (MIIG) Program from the department of Alberta Culture and Status of Women. The funding supports our organization to undertake the important initiative to build capacity, increase intercultural awareness, and understanding.

The Program fosters cultural awareness in communities across the province, and an appreciation and celebration of Indigenous Peoples and multicultural society in Alberta. The Program strives to create a province where people feel included and that their cultures and heritage are valued.

WPTS acknowledges we need to be specific and intentional about realizing our goals. The first steps are focused on organizational training including our Board, Staff, Contractors and key collaborators.

We want to work to ensure we are up to date on protocols, language and that our programming is relevant, sensitive, and reflective of the populations we serve.

As we do this we will start to understand our biases and lack of perceptions as individuals and as an organization and where we can improve.

We all need to do our part to do better and be better in this regard. We recognize it will take courage, vulnerability and commitment to do the deep work necessary to co-create the world we wish to see for all.

See here for further information on our plan.

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