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VIEW from the Inside – a participant’s reflection

A recent participant in the VIEW from the Inside program, was kind enough to share  these thoughts about the experience. When I was originally contacted by WP Puppet Theatre about joining a group of individuals regarding a puppet workshop, I was a bit reticent. I know next to nothing about puppets and only had my … Continue reading VIEW from the Inside – a participant’s reflection

Halloween’s for the Puppets

by Jenna Pruner Which came first?  Puppets or Halloween? It’s likely puppets were invented around 4000 years ago in India when the concept of a “string holder” appeared in some Sanskrit plays. Additionally, Chinese puppet history reaches back 3000 years, and archaeologists have discovered evidence of Egyptian puppets from 2000 years ago, but they couldn’t … Continue reading Halloween’s for the Puppets

Inviting Senior Volunteers…

Senior Advocates and Community Builders Volunteer Description: Need for Testers Our Need: Responding to the Covid Health pandemic WP Puppet Theatre is pivoting our award-winning program VIEW from the Inside: To be presented online to provide increased financial, geographic and social/functional accessibility. To build community and empathy, between seniors and young adults through their joint … Continue reading Inviting Senior Volunteers…