Halloween’s for the Puppets

by Jenna Pruner Which came first?  Puppets or Halloween? It’s likely puppets were invented around 4000 years ago in India when the concept of a “string holder” appeared in some Sanskrit plays. Additionally, Chinese puppet history reaches back 3000 years, and archaeologists have discovered evidence of Egyptian puppets from 2000 years ago, but they couldn’t … Continue reading Halloween’s for the Puppets

Inviting Senior Volunteers…

Senior Advocates and Community Builders Volunteer Description: Need for Testers Our Need: Responding to the Covid Health pandemic WP Puppet Theatre is pivoting our award-winning program VIEW from the Inside: To be presented online to provide increased financial, geographic and social/functional accessibility. To build community and empathy, between seniors and young adults through their joint … Continue reading Inviting Senior Volunteers…

Courage Journey

WP Puppet Theatre’s first View from the Inside programs, in 2015, were done at Pathways to Housing, Circle of Support and Studio C. The participants, who were often marginalized, racialized and struggling, took an immense risk to work outside their comfort zones.   They created self-portrait mask-body puppets to tell their stories. They were vulnerable … Continue reading Courage Journey

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.