Join our Board of Directors!

We are taking on a number of exciting strategic initiatives and are looking for enthusiastic and engaged individuals to join our Board of Directors as General Members and in the role of Treasurer!

See the power of puppetry to effect positive social change! Spark imagination and creativity in children, helping adults to self-realization and mental well being, galvanizing learning and understanding, encouraging cooperation and communication.

We value people with differing views, backgrounds, and experience. Some of our successful Board Members have experience in Education, Finance/Accounting, Non-Profit Management, Fundraising, Marketing/Promotion, Health Care to name a few!

General Board Member role (5-10 hrs monthly):

  • Participate in Special Initiatives i.e. Fundraising, Promotion, Sponsorship, and/or Operations
  • Engage at our regular board meetings (once every 2 months)
  • Actively promote the work of WP Puppet Theatre in the community

Treasurer role (3-15 hrs monthly) :

  • Oversee our annual notice to reader and internal financial review
  • Review and report on our finances quarterly and assist with the budgeting process. We have a bookkeeper who looks after preparing financial statements.
  • Oversight and advisory.

The Board of Directors meet approximately once every two months with summers off.

To apply to be a board member or Treasurer, please send your resume and an expression of interest to

Meet one of our Board Members!

This article featuring one of our board members, Christopher Chabot, is from Propellus’s why.YYC on Instagram!

“I grew up watching the Muppets with my dad & then Jim Henson. I’ve always been a fan of puppets. Anything with different forms, emotions, and movement is really cool to me. Then I found this opportunity to be on the board for WP Puppet Theatre, really liked their mission statement, where they were headed, and was excited to become a part of it! I help with whatever I can from events to planning to fundraising. WP is just a great concept of using puppets for social change. Given the chance, most can relate to puppets and most want positive social change, so it’s a no-brainer for people once they learn more, whether attending events, donating, or volunteering!

WP brings so much joy and this childlike love for art at any age! For those desiring to be creative but don’t know how, when, or where to start, WP Puppet Pop-Up Studios are that spark. It’s growing community and increasing understanding, because art is something that anyone can do. With more understandings of mental health, art is an outlet, be it puppetry or dancing or visual arts. Puppetry is a great medium if you’re looking to express yourself. As humans we tend to judge other humans, but when it comes to communication with objects or movement, we don’t really judge those. We would never judge a puppet because we just take it for what it is. Puppets can give someone a voice and convey emotion they might not otherwise. This little bit of expression, knowledge, and growth, is so empowering.

The big joy of volunteering is similar to the joy I get watching a puppet performance myself! It’s just so exciting, sharing the breadth of puppetry and seeing people’s reactions, especially new comers. WP is linking things together: arts, science, mental health, social justice! I’ve participated in WP workshops that have helped me with my career and other aspects of my life, and vice versa. It just links and it feels good. Volunteering is a great way to get some fulfilment. It’s a fun & free way to see something new, with old or new friends, and gets you into places that you might normally not get to go. There’s a lot that’s interesting and eye opening in the city. You get what you put into it and it doesn’t take much to make an impact on people, or yourself!