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Touring locally and internationally—from Old Crow, Yukon to the Sun and Salsa Festival, Kensington, Calgary—we live the Power of Puppetry.

Use our online form to book a show, or contact us at admin@wppuppet.com or 403.228.3373

Fees for
Family Grades K-2
Ages 4-8
Grades 3-6
Ages 9-12
Grades 7-9
Ages 13-15
Grades 10-12
Ages 16-18
Adults Seniors
2 hours
Courage Journey Suite of Workshops
(NEW 2019)
$550 Pigs in a Canoe & Other Watery Stories
$350 Why the Rabbit’s Nose Wiggles
TBA Evolution of Moral Progress:
Genus 394Wz
$300 & Up Workshops & Residencies
$10 & Up Puppet Pop Ups
$35 – $299 Puppet Power Conferences
$5000 (variable)
21 hours
VIEW from the Inside
$300 & Up Professional Development

Travel and other expenses may be due
Multiple bookings may be eligible for discount

* Plus GST

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.