WP Puppet Theatre’s  impact since incorporating as a Not for Profit Charitable organization in 1991 has been deep and wide.
We have inspired a selective mute child to talk, prompted a teacher to say, ” “I loved the hands on activity… I can’t wait to teach my students this!” and a reporter to write “Without her the puppets are lifeless rags on an empty stage. In her hands they dance, cry, discover and dream”.
Touring locally and internationally, from Old Crow, Yukon to the Sun and Salsa Festival, Kensington, Calgary … we live the Power of Puppetry.

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Fees for
Family Grades K-2
Ages 4-8
Grades 3-6
Ages 9-12
Grades 7-9
Ages 13-15
Grades 10-12
Ages 16-18
Adults Seniors
$550 Pigs in a Canoe and
Other Watery Stories
$350 Why the Rabbit’s
Nose Wiggles
TBA Evolution of Moral
Progress: Genus 394Wz
$304 & Up Workshops &
$120 Puppets on the Go:
Crate rental program
$10 & Up Puppet Pop Up
$35 – $299 Puppet Power
$3600 & Up View from the Inside
Courage Journey workshops
$304 & Up Professional


* Plus GST. Travel and other expenses may be due.
Multiple bookings may be eligible for discount.
Please feel free to discuss our fees.

Explore, create and learn, all through the power of puppetry.