Capstone at MRU

Capstone at MRU

Capstone at MRU

We are excited students from our CAPSTONE project at MRU are presenting for the Child and Youth Care conference in Canmore, AB Oct 5- 7 2022.



Through  2021-22 WP Puppet Theatre was pleased to oversee Capstone students in the Early Learning and Childcare Department as well as Child Youth Care Counsellor Departments at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.

Students were involved in the planning and production of Puppet Power 2022: Festival of Ideas from screening performer applications from across the globe to coordinating an Elder for the Opening Ceremonies. As the 2022 theme was Puppets in Celebration, Ceremony and Ritual it was an insight into the areas of Cultural consciousness and cultural appropriation, and a number of discussions were had on EDIA & Anti-racist best practices.

Through their work on the Puppet Power event, students were also introduced to the field of Applied Puppetry and learned the many ways puppets can be utilized within an educational or therapeutic practice. They attended workshops by WPTS staff as well as undertaking literature reviews and their own research.

In support of their presentation we’re pleased to share their series of referenced infographics that illustrate ways that puppetry can support work in these areas.


  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Autism
  • Indigenous Cultures
  • Child and Youth Counselling
  • Brain Development

Other references that students shared include:

Association for Play Therapy (American)

Canadian Association of Play Therapy

A very warm thank you to Erin Prosser for managing this Capstone at MRU project.