Courage Journey Suite of Workshops

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Grade Groups (Flexible) Workshop title
K-Gr 2 Emotional Colours
Gr 3-4 (Option 1) Diverse World
Gr 3-4 (Option 2) When Stuff is Shadowy
Gr 5-6 Dualities in Self Awareness
Gr 8-9 Working out who I am
Gr 10 – 12 VIEW from the Inside

Our suite of Courage Journey workshops uses the power of puppetry to promote awareness and discussion of mental health and wellness. They support social – emotional learning in diverse groups of students from kindergarten to Grade 12. Participants develop community, foster resiliency and gain a voice for their stories. Taught by therapists and qualified teachers who are also artists, this award-winning program springboards discussions on one of the most important subjects – self-realization.

Courage Journey workshops:

  • Can be expanded with video documentation, performance or art exhibits.
  • Make with Alberta Learning curriculum links in science, social studies, language arts, math, art and drama
  • Build teacher and school capacity to promote the development of positive mental health and wellness.
  • Provide assessment and evaluative opportunities in an experiential learning setting
  • Through non-threatening and fun activities, in a safe place, it prepares students to be better engaged in their academic learning.

Booking details:
Total 2- hour workshop- potential to break into separate periods.
1 facilitator.
$300 plus GST. Includes all supplies, tools, curriculum links & scaffolding suggestions, pre and post assessment tools.
Please feel to discuss variations to meet your particular needs

The Power of Art Therapy
Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that allows for thoughts and feelings to be expressed through images and as well as through words.  Clients in art therapy use mediums such as painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture to explore daily experiences, relationships, hopes, fears, memories, and much more.  Art therapy offers a uniquely creative and symbolic means for engaging clients in self-exploration and striving towards positive change and growth.

• Art therapy is a health service profession, art-based therapeutic approach
• Art therapy is based on psychological theory and research
• Art therapy employs art and other creative modalities in support of the client’s goals
• Art therapy endorses the idea that the process of making art is inherently therapeutic
• Art therapy takes into consideration thoughts, feelings, behaviors and spirituality within the counseling process

Puppetry as a form of Art Therapy
Puppets are a powerful tool in the areas of art and play therapy, and this is due to the special qualities that the medium of puppetry possesses. Using puppets helps to provide a safe space for children and youth to explore their feelings, find responses to problems, and develop helpful coping strategies. It can be hard to verbally express difficult emotions but these emotions can easily be expressed and explored through a safe external object – the puppet. Stories emerge, as well as a sense of control and mastery over the puppet, as working indirectly with puppets encourages projection and a sense of distance. It is in this safe space and the power of storytelling through art that the powerful and transformative relationship between art therapy and puppetry can exist.

Facilitator Bios
Allan Rosales
M.A., B.A., APTA
Allan Rosales has a Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia University as well as a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Fine Art with a minor in Psychology from the University of Calgary. Allan is currently an instructor at Mount Royal University in the Faculty of Health, Community and Education. He also facilitates art therapy programs with WP Puppet Theatre, the Operational Stress Clinic, Health Upwardly Mobile and Wellspring. Formerly Allan was the Manager of Child Development Services at the YWCA of Calgary and Coordinator of the Healing Arts Program in Cancer Care at Alberta Health Services. Allan has published in peer reviewed journals and has presented at conferences internationally. 

Annie Hussain

Annie Hussain has a Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia University as well as an Honours Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Studio Art with a minor in Psychology from the University of Guelph. Annie has over 15 years of experience working and volunteering with children, adults and seniors in various community, medical, and educational settings. Her previous work experience encompassed working with women survivors of domestic violence within various women’s shelters and organizations. Currently, she is an art therapy facilitator for WP Puppet Theatre, implementing a mask-making program for youth in schools, as well as facilitating art therapy groups for adults with addictions in an outpatient treatment center. Annie is also continually involved in developing art therapy programs, workshops and presentations in various community settings.

Barb English
B.Ed., B.A.
Barb English has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from UBC. She has been granted a Teacher Certificate with Alberta Education. Barb recently retired from the Calgary Board of Education after 13 years of service as an Educational Assistant and Elementary School Teacher. Her area of specialization was inclusive education and she spent her career supporting students with complex social/emotional learning needs. Barb is passionate about inclusive education, trauma informed practice, emotional regulation and mental wellness in children. She joined WP Puppet Theatre in Fall 2019 as an art therapy facilitator and also teaches workshops for Art Felt Studios.

Wendy Passmore-Godfrey
B.F.A, Artistic Director & Founder WP Puppet Theatre
Wendy has designed, built and performed over 20 different productions, touring them both locally and internationally.  She chairs the International Puppet Power Conference committee, and teaches thousands of hours of workshops and residencies in Alberta schools.  She has partnered with many local community engagement projects, served on the Puppeteers of America board and is also a writer and visual artist. In 2018 she was a CTV Inspiring Albertan and won the ATB Financial Healing through the Arts Award with the VIEW from the Inside program.

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.