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Do It Yourself (DIY) Puppet Projects

Do It Yourself (DIY) Puppet Projects make for quick and easy Family Fun you can do at home with items that can be found in and around your house- or at a local craft supplies store. These DIY Puppets promote creativity, imagination and story-telling while bringing the family closer together. While we are in this ‘season of social distancing’ due to COVID-19, engaging in DIY puppet crafts at home is the perfect project to keep all family members engaged- kids, teens & parents alike! And, the supplies will make use of items that may not be of their originally intended use (such as a repurposing that lonely winter glove). If you & your family craft your own DIY Puppet Project, please tag WP Puppet Theatre to show us your new puppet(s) on our Instagram or Facebook!

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Colourful Rod Puppet DIY craft for exampleOne Glove Rod Puppet 

How is it that one winter glove always goes missing? Here is a fun activity to make the most of the glove that remains! All you need are a few items and some glue to create an imaginative  winter puppet. This DIY project is easy for children to create and allows for older children, teens and adults to take the project further in making the design, adding details, and in performing with their puppet. Please see the instructions in the video below:

                                                                        What will you do with your new home-made puppet? Perhaps an act of kindness?


                                                  Check out this fun One-Glove Rod Puppet-Pop Up we did at Wildflower Arts Centre in Calgary, AB

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More DIY Puppet Projects are below, with varying difficulty:

White dog paper puppet WP Puppet Theatre


DIY Dog-ish Puppet

This puppet is made out of paper, fluff and a black pompom. It’s sort of dog-ish, which reminds me of Peter Reynolds wonderful book “Ish”. Sometimes puppets take over their own making and it’s best not to worry too much about it. After all, a puppet is just a symbol of an idea.



Scarf Marionette DIY


DIY Scarf Marionette

Toilet paper tubes are precious too! They make a great head for this simple scarf marionette which is inspired by legendary puppeteer Albrecht Roser. There are more instructions from my friends here:



Spoon Puppet DIY WP Puppet Theatre

DIY Spoon Puppet

Wooden spoons, forks, ladles, potato mashers – no utensil is safe! I love this puppet of Joseph’s Mom on a bad hair day! Note even her pearl necklace. It’s a copy of a puppet made by a young boy from a big family. Made so he could have her companionship while she was so busy. If you’re missing your community, in this time of distancing, make puppets of everyone! (Wink-wink – you get to decide what they say to each other!)




DIY Tintamarre Puppet

Is it a little quiet around the house? How about a puppet that makes its own noise? Take any container, fill it with anything and decorate! Now you can have your own Tintamarre! A very loud Acadian tradition. Check out:



DIY Pepper shaker Puppet


DIY Peppershaker

Puppets from objects can inspire lots of fun when you act out their characters. Exactly what would a pepper shaker want to say? What could it think about the people at the dining room table? Does it enjoy its job? Would it rather be a different condiment? What would happen if it was allergic to pepper? No object will be safe in your house once you start puppetizing them!



Bear Puppet DIY WP Puppet Theatre


DIY Pulp Paper Bear

Do you know that cheap construction paper that’s lingering in the back of the cupboard? Or old artsy projects? It would be great for some pulp paper mask – body puppets.



DIY Nature Puppet looks like a duck or bird puppet


DIY Nature Puppet

Get some fresh air and sunshine! Enjoy your walk and look out for interesting twigs, sticks, maybe a pinecone (BUT please don’t break them off the trees) Turn your natural treasure into a puppet with a bit of paint, some feathers, chenille stems and other natural items. Decide on a character and tell its story. Check out the whimsical puppets of Basil Milovsoroff


Cute DIY Glove Puppet made from a glove, big eyes, a pom-pom and pipe-cleaners



DIY Eyeball Glove Puppet

Lost a glove this winter? Give the remaining glove a job! Hot glue on some ping-pong ball eyes or big pompoms, add some hair and maybe a nose. And then you’re ready to talk! (Hint – stretch the glove with a cardboard insert when you glue on the eyes so they are spaced nicely together)


Cat and Mouse Stuffie Puppets

Make your own mouse or cat stuffie puppet! See our past blog post for instructions here.

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