Easter & Spring Puppet Craft Ideas

Activities Other Than Egg Dyeing


During Spring Break, it can be tough to continually keep the family busy! Keep their minds occupied and their creativity flowing by making PUPPETS! We have many projects you can do at home on our DIY (Do It Yourself) Page. Additionally, we found a few fun Easter & Spring Puppet craft ideas from other websites that are below! Many are of rabbits, but most can be altered to be any animal that reminds you of spring! Please tag us in your crafting activites on social media!


Bunny Finger Puppets EasterBunny Finger Puppets by Purl Soho

These adorable finger puppets are a great way to teach older children how to stitch or sew (with supervision). The pattern with detailed instructions are in the link above, and soon you’ll have a whole handful of bunnies hopping around the house!




easter craft rolls


Easter Animal Roll Craft by The Crafting Chicks

Create a whole cast of characters for your puppet playtime & performances! A popsicle stick glued inside or through the back can allow for more movement options.




Spring Jumping People Puppet

Jumping People Puppets by WP Puppet Theatre

This puppet craft can jump and move their arms and legs. For a few customizable ideas, you can alter the materials using things you can find around the house- this one is in spring attire and rabbit ears or a small flower can be added easily. Check out our kits available for purchase in our store.




Bunny Easter Plate Craft Puppet



Easter Paper Plate Puppet Craft by I Heart Crafty Things

  This little puppet comes with it’s own stage!

You can also alter this to make other puppet characters such as a flower, chick, lamb or anything your puppeteer desires!




Bunny Paper Hand Puppet Craft

Bunny Rabbit Paper Hand Puppet by Easy Kids Craft

These interactive puppets can move their mouths to speak, tell jokes, sing songs, and more!

These are great to get the family to explore their creative story-telling and interact with each other.



We hope you have fun with these Easter & Spring puppet craft ideas!

Check back for more DIY Puppet ideas every month!


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