Existentialism – an apt theme


We couldn’t predict the current global state of affairs when we chose the theme for Puppet Power 2020, but it’s ended up particularly apt. Puppets Go Existential.

Existentialism: A philosophical inquiry that is concerned with the experience of being a thinking, feeling, acting, living human. Examining existence. Questioning the meaning of life.

 As the world now examines our vulnerabilities as humans, as countries, as societies, what can we learn from art and puppets specifically? If art is not only, as Bertolt Brecht says, a mirror to hold up to the world but also a hammer to shape it – how do we do this?

From animating puppets, do we learn how to make a robotic health attendant more personable? Can you successfully have the interactivity of drama over digital interfaces if we can’t meet face to face? How does creative thought in art/puppets transfer to creative thinking on other issues? Do puppets remind us of our mortality in their own immortality, as they “come to life” for every performance, then sinking back unperturbed, into their storage crates.

But to practicalities.

  • WPTS has committed to offer a full refund (less fees) to registrants who are unable to travel/attend the conference due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.
  • Note that seven of our currently confirmed speakers are local.
  • We are considering other venues if public spaces i.e. libraries are closed down.
  • We are currently exploring expanding our existing webinar and videoing plans.

We are monitoring the Government of Canada Public Health website for recommendations, travel advisories and will take appropriate actions as necessary.

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