Get Involved – Volunteer Opportunities!

We currently have three volunteer opportunities: Casino C-Chair, Sponsorship Committee, and Puppet Power Conference Committee! Join our dynamic team – meet one of our committee members!

Casino Co-Chair

Do you have strong attention to detail and love organizing people and events?  We are looking for an enthusiastic and committed volunteer to Co-Chair our upcoming Casino Fundraiser March 6 & 7th at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino.  Your donation of time is valuable!

Our Casino fundraiser happens every 18 months and is our most important fundraising initiative!  In 2017 volunteers raised $64,719 or about $240 for every hour they worked.  This fundraiser allows us to make programs such as our Puppet Power conference or our VIEW from the Inside program affordable for participants.

Duties Include:
> Recruit, Organize, and Assign Roles to Volunteers
> Ensure Volunteers have completed the Casino Applications
> Assist with other organizational duties as required
> Ensure smooth transition of volunteers and cover during the event as required

Please submit a statement of interest and resume attention to Wendy Passmore-Godfrey

Sponsorship Committee Member

Looking for an opportunity to give back to your Community by utilizing and strengthen your network in Calgary?  WP Puppet Theatre (WPTS) uses the power of puppetry to impact positive social change. Our puppetry infused learning opportunities and performances inspire, challenge, empower, support expression and encourage empathy in our audiences and participants.  Members of our Sponsorship Committee will create and implement Sponsorship and Donation Campaigns to help to support WPTS programming and special initiatives.

As a member of the Committee you will work collaboratively to help:
> Create and implement Sponsorship and Donation Campaigns
> Identify and approach potential Sponsors/Donors and channels
> Create and maintain relationships with prospective Sponsors/Donors
> Support related marketing initiatives

Please submit a statement of interest and resume attention to Wendy Passmore-Godfrey

Puppet Power Conference Organizing Committee

Are you passionate about Puppetry and Performing Arts? Do you love being part of planning and organizing special events?   We have an exciting opportunity to join our Puppet Power Conference Organizing Committee.

This Biennial Conference helps people discover a new way to impact change in the world by using puppetry.  The conference presents key learnings and tools vital to professionals in education and healthcare, therapists, and visual and performing artists.  Sparking the imagination,  the conference is for anyone inspired to express themselves creatively, develop personal and professional skills and promote positive social change.

As member of this committee you will:
> Help plan, brainstorm and set the direction of the conference
> Work hands on to help implement the plan
> Support sponsorship, donation, and funding initiatives for the conference
> Promote the conference and support marketing initiatives
> Volunteer at the event and attend workshops

Please submit a statement of interest and resume attention to Wendy Passmore-Godfrey

Meet one of our Puppet Power Conference Committee Members!


This article featuring one of our board members, Sky Weir, is from Propellus’s why.YYC on Instagram!

“I used to run an interpretive exhibition planning & design company, so experience with large museum projects has given me a good idea of the intense designing, planning & implementing that goes into events like the Puppet Power 2018 Conference. Every little positive effort makes the big vision happen. As a volunteer, it doesn’t matter whether you plug in 3 minutes to take tickets or give your first born child. Not everyone has excess cash to donate but your time & skills are worth something to someone! I volunteer for WP Puppet Theatre, by being on the periphery plugging little holes where I’m needed. I hope it’s a win-win all around; this gift of time. . .

Volunteering makes emotional connections that you don’t usually get at a regular job. Everywhere is different but I like being in the rarified air of people who think with their emotions as well as their intellect; people who truly pause to think ideas through. WP is foolish fun, highly skilled foolish fun, but also so much more. Storytelling can be a shield or a tool to open communication; think of the stories our culture thrives on. WP creates environments that give storytellers the freedom to be vulnerable, to drop distracting layers, and share basic truths and needs. With WP, if you listen to what people have to say, it isn’t only fun & games, it’s serious life stuff. You’re not just listening, you’re not just looking at a story, you are THERE. You are part of the story. It’s powerful & using that from personal to social contexts is out of this world. It’s just really nice to be in contact with this thinking, even peripherally, volunteering every now & again. That connection is just the basic thing.”