Inspiring Video Shorts for Puppet Power 2020

These twelve short yet provocative and inspiring videos lend insight to the Puppet Power 2020 Festival of Ideas conference. They ask existential questions – what is a human? what is our relationship with the world we live in? what’s next?
Thank you to our puppet contributors.

Like A Tree
Hocus Pocus Theatre

The heart-warming tale of a new-born child and a sapling whose lives become entwined as they grow. It’s a moving show about loss, conflict and renewal, with an absorbing and engaging performance by actor/puppeteer as Mother Nature.

Lucy Enskat
United Kingdom

Created and Performed by Lucy Enskat (Artistic Director of Hocus Pocus Theatre)
Developed at Norwich Puppet Theatre.
Directed by Flick Ferdinando.
Musical Direction by Ali Houiellebecq
Videographer Oliver Thompson
With thanks to Dik Downey (Pickled Image), Mark Copeland (Insect Circus) and Kirsteen Wythe (Boom Boom Baby Costumier)

Error 404
Ángeles de trapo

Introduction: Error 404 is a performance without words addressed to both children and teenagers, an audience increasingly used to new technologies, like Steve, our main character, a run-of-the-mill young boy with a simple and ordinary life, who is absolutely immersed in a world full of electronic devices. This delicate and emotional play encourages you to reflect about the meaning of life, the wonders that life offers us and what we often overlook.

Synopsis: 4.04am, dreams and nightmares take control of Steve’s night, beside him are four cold walls which are witness of his long and boring days in front of illuminated screens, surrounded by video-games, involved in intangible social networks and consumed by all sort of technological objects willing to absorb Steve’s treasured time. But today nothing is the same, after a series of unusual events Steve gets involved in a strange incident that will force him to make the biggest mistake of his life. Or maybe not.

Wagner Gallo

Pongo Abelii
Flying Balloons Puppet Theatre

Pongo Abelii is puppet theatre performance with a hand-sewn orangutan puppet who tries to share his story about lost and eviction from his own habitat. Pongo reminds ourselves and everyone that we live in this world not only for ourselves but also for Mother earth and the universe.

Meyda Bestari


Through the use of puppets made of recycled paper and materials, Casa Voladora address the principles of independence, self-sustainability and autonomy to promote social meeting spaces, which contributes to the re-composition of the social fabric, promoting the practice of a culture of peace.

Maribel Giannina García Cerrón
Arturo Emilio Zárate Polanco

Carnival of Animals

Droomtheater is a roaming, producing platform for puppetry and storytelling projects. Droomtheater works international, interactive, intercultural and interdisciplinary and functions as an intermediary between generations, cultures, times, places and disciplines. We produce and perform with amateurs and professional artists, in care and education, in active and passive forms.

The Carnival of Animals with shadows was made and performed by people from the neighborhood of Feijenoord Rotterdam. Live music by European composer Saint Saëns’ Carnival of Animals was performed by professional musicians of A Piacere. The children and the musicians performed for the elderly of the local care center “De Steenplaat” in Feijenoord, Rotterdam. Camera and montage Rolf Versteegh

Joanne Oussoren & Frans Hakkemars

Go Home Tiny Monsters
The Gottabees

Go Home Tiny Monsters, is a story of Sylvie and her family of creatures who suddenly lose their home. Luckily, they have an audience full of people who can help them out.  Go Home Tiny Monster features The Gottabees’ trademark mix of puppetry, joyously absurd silliness, physical theater, live music, and surprising poignancy.

Bonnie Duncan

Love Vs. Trauma
Puppet (R)Evolution

Puppet (R)Evolution presents Love vs Trauma, a 45-minute play combining shadow, hand-, and rod-puppetry in a poetic, powerful tale for adults and teens. Set to evocative music, the show explores the impact of trauma on behaviour and perceptions of choice. Includes post-show discussion on personal and societal effects of trauma.

Raven Kaliana
United Kingdom

More ideas related to Puppets Go Existential

Ian McEwan writer of “Machines Like Me” asks what makes us human?

An award winning video by Vicky Mather, that fits right into our existential theme. Stanley’s life runs like clockwork, until a chance encounter with a mysterious girl turns his world upside down….

The fictional character Pinocchio starts his fantastic journey as a wooden puppet animated by his creator, the talented Geppetto. If Pinocchio’s story were written today, all the sophisticated string-pulling that so artistically endows him with humanlike movement might just as well be performed by a robot. Check it out! 

Founded in March 2014, Synced, is China’s first media entity that focuses on reporting machine intelligence and related technologies.

And one more – This video was created by Barb English and translated by Jared Tailfeathers. It’s a DIY puppet project on making Alberta animals from Natural materials. So now Take a walk – grab some fresh air and get creative!

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.