View from the Inside workshops

View from the Inside: Courage Journey Workshops


Mental health affects everyone regardless of age, education, income or culture and VIEW’s impact has compelled WPTS to find ways to expand to serve two specific populations – vulnerable seniors and at risk youth.

VIEW with Seniors in 2017-18

In particular, seniors are vulnerable to health problems, mental health concerns, poverty, elder abuse, financial abuse and isolation. Programs such as VIEW give seniors the opportunity to be actively creative, engage socially and share the very important and often lost stories and wisdom of their lives. In addition, the art that they create can build self-esteem, enhance quality of life and create a meaningful legacy as a result of a lifetime of experiences. With Calgary Foundation funding support, WPTS team will pilot VIEW in 2018 with about 60 people at the Kirby Centre, The Alzheimer’s Society and with the Carya -Active Chinese Seniors Cultural Group. The University of Calgary has stated that they will also provide support, offering their Faculty of Nursing students the opportunity to do their community practicum at the VIEW workshops.

VIEW with Youth 2017-18

Additionally, in Spring 2018, with Education Matters funding support, WPTS team will work with over 50 at-risk youth attending Forest Lawn High School. These students have diverse backgrounds. Some are refugees, some speak multiple languages and some already have existing mental health concerns or know of a friend or a family member with a psychological disorder. Wendy’s goal is to de-stigmatize mental health and promotes connection, understanding, empathy and openness amongst students, teachers and school staff.

If your group or organization is interested in booking the VIEW program, contact or 403 228 3373 for more information.

There are life experiences, which cannot be described literally but can be expressed symbolically.

Video about View from the Inside 2015/16:

The following video is from a one day workshop with a youth group:



Explore, create and learn, all through the power of puppetry.