Professional Development

WP-Puppeteers-219723-webProfessional Development workshops that build skills and provide inspiration on how to use the Power of Puppetry in any setting.
For any adult who works with children – classroom teachers, play-school workers, recreational therapists, Brownie leaders, students and more.
Workshops can be designed to meet specific needs.
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Our Puppet Power conference also offers PD with other professional puppetry presenters.  Our award winning workshop presenter is Wendy Passmore – Godfrey with over twenty five years of experience.

Contact or 403.228.3373.

Why puppets for kids?

Enhances a positive self-concept: they learn that they have things to say and that they are unique.

Encourages language development through verbal expression: as soon a child picks up a puppet they want to make it talk. By giving it a voice they give it life. They can experiment without inhibition different characteristics i.e. royal, silly, stern…

Provides acceptable avenues for releasing emotions: with a puppet a child can practice saying what he feels.

Builds social skills: puppetry in a group requires that children wait and listen to what others are saying. When they take the time to listen, observe and respect they will learn these skills once puppets are gone.

Enables children to experience life situations: Role-playing real life- although they may never meet a big bad wolf- they may meet a bully with similar qualities. The practice in thinking quickly and expressing ideas will help them to face daily experiences.

Distinguish between reality and fantasy: which can be hard! Puppets encourage children to verbalize their inner confusions. They act out what they have seen or heard by testing their own abilities. Puppets also perform in ways children can’t they can fly; demonstrate super strengths, while a child can only dream of this.

 Why puppets for teachers?

Provides increased understanding of the child- children often reveal more information when playing with a puppet- about their home, concerns or fears and wishes.

Enables you to see differently- in participating in puppet play you may strengthen your relationship with the child. You become a teller of tales, a magic maker!

Enhances your own creativity: Regardless of whether you have used puppets for a long time or are new- you will discover hidden talents as an artist, performer or educator!

 Provides alternative learning experiences: equal importance must be given to the major areas of growth and development: cognitive, social, emotional and physical aspects of the individual. Puppets can integrate into all these areas.

 Provides an atmosphere of fun! For you and your kids!

“Wow! Fabulous—lots of great ideas for the classroom that are practical and yet full of ‘adventure’!” – Joyce (teacher)