Puppets on the Go

Puppets on the Go is a cost effective* crate‐based outreach program ready to ship anywhere in Alberta.  Crates contain all the components for students to create their own puppets and perform a show. Clear instructions, samples and patterns make this a user‐friendly experience for teachers.

Crates are also available for after‐school, home‐school and community programs and include supplies for 30 students (extra supplies can be added for a minimal charge for additional classrooms).

* $120 + GST for a 3 week rental for one class.  Delivery is extra outside of Calgary.

Use our online form to book a crate or contact  admin@wppuppet.com or 403.228.3373.


Choose from four different crates for different grade levels:

Shadow Puppets Express Feelings
Aussi disponible en Francais
Grades K‐2

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Shadow Puppets Learn about Community
Tambien disponible en Espanol
Grades K‐2

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Rod Puppets Look into Alberta History
Grades 3‐4

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Bunraku Puppetry Explores Japan
Grades 7‐9.

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Explore, create and learn, all through the power of puppetry.