Mother’s Day & Space Day Puppet Craft Ideas

Out of this World Puppet DIYs


Keep the family’s minds occupied and their creativity flowing by making PUPPETS! We have many projects you can do at home on our DIY (Do It Yourself) Page. Since Mother’s Day & Space Day are happening this weekend, we also found a few fun Mother’s Day & Space Day craft ideas from other websites that are below! Please tag us in your crafting activites on social media!


Superhero Mom Craft PuppetSuper Mom Puppet Craft by Kids Craft Room

These Super Mom Puppets are the perfect craft for kids to appreciate their mom & all the things their mom does. A note about what makes their mom Super is also a nice addition.




Popsicle Stick Space Puppet Craft DIY


Space Popsicle Stick Puppet Craft by Mama Cheaps

Create a whole cast of characters for your puppet playtime & performances! This is also a great opportunity to teach about the solar system and all the planets!




Spring Jumping People Puppet

Jumping People Puppets by WP Puppet Theatre

This puppet craft can jump and move their arms and legs. For a few customizable ideas, you can alter the materials using things you can find around the house- this one is in spring attire and a superhero outfit, space helmet, or a small flower can be added easily. Check out our kits available for purchase in our store.




Space Shuttle Puppet Craft made of cardboard



Space Shuttle Craft by I Heart Crafty Things

  This is the ultimate vehicle for puppets to get around in! These space crafts will ignite imagination and kids will have a blast playing with them!




Happy Flower Puppet Craft with googly eyes

Flower Puppet by Easy Peasy and Fun

These happy flowers are so cute! An additional step could be to write notes on each petal, such as what they love about their mom, or what they are grateful for.  Make a bouquet of happy flowers as a Mother’s Day hand-crafted gift!






We hope you have fun with these Space & Mother’s Day puppet craft ideas!

Check back for more DIY Puppet ideas every month!


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