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EXPLORE CREATE PLAY – online program of interactive maker workshops

Playing with Shadows
Check out our on demand course “Playing with Shadows” for teachers, home-school parents and anyone who wants to Explore-Create- Play! with puppets.

The course makes links to Light and Shadows/Science AND other subjects, including Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Drama and Health and Wellness.



Online shop - rental of huge shadow screen
Shadow puppet fun with our huge shadow puppet screen

RENTAL – Shadow Fun!!!
Rent our huge shadow puppet screen to create puppet fun on your own schedule. The 12 x 6 foot/3.5 x 2 meters self-standing professional rear projection screen fastens over PVC frame. Comes with 10 pre-made animal shadow puppets, and a tub of ‘ephemera’ to aid discovery of the wonder of light and shadow.


  • Available in Calgary and Area
  • Free Delivery, set up, dismantling and pick up.
  • School provides sandbags,  light source(s) i.e.: overhead projector, spotlights
  • Rental period 3 weeks
  • Comes with instruction booklet on shadow puppet construction
  • Contact us directly for more info and booking
  • Fee: $400 + GST

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Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.