We’re excited to be creating purchasable links of puppet workshops and performances which draw from our 30 years of face-to-face experience. In this way we can provide better financial, geographic and social/functional accessibility.

DIY Puppet Pop ups:
Find a variety of different puppet projects that are fun for the whole family!
Great for a classroom teacher looking for a fun puppet project.

New DIY projects will be featured for free for a limited time.
After that they are available through Teachers Pay Teachers for a small fee.


Explore Create Play WP Puppet TheatreExplore Create Play:
This is the name of our planned suite of interactive maker courses designed for k-6/ages 5-12.  They are a great learning resource for teachers and homeschool parents and can be used in either an online or classroom settings. Based on a puppet type i.e.: shadow, hand, Bunraku, that we connect to many other subjects and projects ideas. Also, fun for individuals, young and old, who just want to learn more about puppets.


‘Playing with Shadows’ is our first “Explore Create Play” course, exploring the intriguing art of shadow puppetry.