WP Puppet Theatre places originality and imagination a top criteria of our work. Our current productions are:

Pigs in a Canoe and Other Watery Stories
Why the Rabbit’s Nose Wiggles
Evolution of Moral Progress: Genus 394WZ

Use our online form to book a show or contact or 403.228.3373.

We work with original scripts, music and many different puppetry styles as well as live actors, film, projections, dance and story telling. Our materials aesthetic has explored fiber, plastic, wood, copper, paper, light and found objects! We are actively engaged in evolving and experimenting with the definition of ‘puppet art’ in our work as we show our audiences the unbounded potential of this medium.

We believe that producing theatre for young audiences is an important job. We understand the responsibility in performing for young (and older) minds to have a positive and lasting impact. Our goal therefore is to bring ideas to families or students that will spark conversations, encourage profound thought and inspire creativity.

Our portfolio of twenty -five productions is a tale itself of expansive curiosity and whimsical impulse:

        • Anansi Tales 1980
        • Pictures at an Exhibition – Mussorgsky 1981
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        • Blueberry Johnson & the Day of the Pies 1986
          WP Puppet Pigs in a Canoe in Calgary on Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014. (Photo by Jenn Pierce)
        • Green’s Keen! Drown Brown 1987
        • Jumping Jellyfish! It’s a Panda 1988
        • Moon Zooms 1990
        • Oliver T. Oliver 1992
        • The Laughing Giraffe 1994
        • Beaka’s Incredible Invention 1995
        • Great Kapok Tree & Other Forest Stories 1996
        • Now the Gecko is Giggling Too 1997
        • Pix and the Beetle 1998
        • Why 4 Aliens 1999
        • Mother Goose Suite – Ravel 2000
        • The Toy Box – Debussy 2001
        • Sugar Shack Stories 2001
        • Frogs in a Blue Bucket 2002
        • Collected Tales 2003
        • Dinosauria 2003
        • Why the Rabbit’s Nose Wiggles 2004
        • Christmas with the Monsters 2005
        • Finding My Song: By Bird Version 1 2010
        • Myself 2014
        • Pigs in Canoe and Other Watery Stories 2014
        • Evolution of Moral Progress: Genus 394WZ 2014


“When we perform, a wonderful bond is formed, as the audience collectively bring the puppets ‘to life’ through their imaginations.”
Wendy Passmore-Godfrey – Artistic Director