Practising Applied Puppetry

Practising Applied Puppetry as a Pedagogy for play based learning

Practising Applied Puppetry has a vast potential to support children’s holistic growth and development.

By Gillian Hazan, Nathan Millar, Susan Garrow-Oliver

The Mount Royal University Child Studies program partnered with WP Puppet Theatre Society to undertake a Capstone project during the 2021/2022 semesters. Students from both the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC), and Child and Youth Care Counselling (CYCC) majors collaborated with representatives from WPTS to create a number of projects.

Practicing Applied Puppetry
WP Puppet Festival, Calgary, Highland Park, 2022

Their paper, published on the Canadian Childcare Federation of Canada,  website illustrates how applied puppetry can be connected to professional practice, by identifying unique ways to practise this pedagogy within the early learning professional framework. Applied puppetry will be defined, and this approach synthesized with relevant theories and modalities of the many environments that ELCC professionals work in.

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WP Puppet Theatre is pleased to welcome Nathan Millar to our Board of Directors 

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