Fun memorabilia that goes with the BAKSTER and BIRD Movie, including Bakster’s Portfolio of Plans and Inspo notebook

  • The BAKSTER and BIRD On Demand website includes:
  • The movie, divided into seven short Episodes
  • Bakster’s Dictionary and reading list.
  • Production Notes: Behind the Scenes Blog
  • Seven Episode Inspos **which use the power of puppetry to promote active and robust creative experiences and feature:
    • Introduction to the Episode’s plot and theme
    • Discussion Questions for both younger and older viewers to help understand the story elements and scaffold to further learning.
    • Instructions and Activation Ideas for a different and related Puppet Project for each Episode, sparking children’s agency and cultivating creativity.
    • Extension ideas and activities for further fun follow-up.
  • ** (meaning something that serves as inspiration or motivation)Available anywhere there is internet. Excellent for homeschoolers, parents and small groups. Costs $55.00 CAN and provides 90-day online access. If fees are a barrier please inquire. Purchase Access Pass.

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Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.