Angler Fish Puppet Project

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Make your own Angler Fish puppet, using our patterns and instructions
Learn about this intriguing but gruesome fish and stage scary ambushes on unsuspecting prey!
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Angler Fish  Puppet Project

Angler fish puppet project

Make your own Angler Fish puppet project, using our patterns and instructions

Angler Fish look like some sort of alien, or prehistoric creature, big, gnarly, toothy, with that famous luminescent lure. National Geographic calls them “possibly the ugliest animal on the planet” But this fascinating fish is well adapted to the icy cold depths where there isn’t much food. They are really good at stealthy ambushes – by the time their prey has realized that the Angler Fish’s lure is not food – it’s too late!

Pair this puppet project with Tube Worms on-demand video and you have a complete deep sea inspired afternoon!

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