Angler Fish Puppet Supplies (Set of two)

$8.30 GST

Here’s what you need to make 2 of your own angler fish puppets.
Printed pattern, chenille stem lure with colourful beads, control stick and eyes,
Mailed to your door.


Angler Fish Puppet Supplies (Set of two)

Angler Fish puppet supplies

Angler Fish Puppet Supplies (Set of two):  Here are the supplies you need to make two of your own Angler fish puppets:

  • Printed pattern
  • Chenille stem lure with colourful beads,
  • Control stick
  • Eyes
Did you know?

Angler Fish look like some sort of alien, or prehistoric creature, big, gnarly, toothy, with that famous luminescent lure. National Geographic calls them “possibly the ugliest animal on the planet” And that aided by video taken with underwater robotic cameras, scientists are still learning about the odd and bizarre habits of the Angler Fish.

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