Child- Crafted Puppets – Dazzles & Buttons the Book Lover

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Decorative hand puppets created by children. With all funds going towards two charities: The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation & W.P. Puppet Theatre Society.

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These special puppets are a part of our WP Puppet Theatre Gives Back Program. When you buy this pair of puppets, we will give 20% of funds to The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

These cute little decorative hand puppets were constructed by children at the We Should Know Each Other #100 back in 2013. With an inspiring ‘buffet’ of creative materials over 75 puppets were made for WPTS to use for special events and fundraising. Including the support for The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Please be aware that these puppets may have choking hazards may not be suitable for young children.


Please note that if you would like to pick up your purchase (in Calgary), admin@wppuppet.com must be contacted for an address.

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Dimensions 22 × 33 cm

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.