Other birds by the light of the Moon

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Other birds by the light of the Moon, casting no shadow… 

Other birds by the light of the moon, casting no shadow…is an original art piece by Wendy Passmore-Godfrey. It  follows a notion of what would happen if bird illustrations lifted from the pages of a book. Where would they go? How confused or bemused would they be with the world outside the book?  Two birds with bookish feet fly across a representation of ‘human endeavour’. Illustrative bits and pieces from many cultures and histories symbolize the world in entirety as the birds explore their new freedom.

Website:  Wendy Passmore Godfrey 

Other birds by the light of the Moon

Mixed Media – Sculpture:
16” H x 30 “W x 8 “ D//41H x 76W x 20L cm

Paper construction and mache, wood, wire, feathers, ephemera

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Artist Statement:
Ephemeral Paper Metaphors 

Crafting stories through visual means is an ancient art and something that my sculptures strive to do. The bird related metaphorical pieces call out to the imagination and beg a personal response. Ripe for interpretation, they seek to connect a deeper self with a kind of storytelling that goes beyond words.

Happening on large box of piano key hammers has set me to creating a series of bird sculptures. Each bird is an individual and drawing on my experience as a puppet theatre artist they all have personalities. I see them as ‘static puppets’, frozen in action, but at any moment they could become animate and sing or at least have something to say.

Using hanji, itajami-shibori and other types of paper to create these birds gives them an Icarus-like vulnerability that reminds the viewer of the fragility of life, and the endangered status of many bird species.

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Dimensions 22 × 22 × 18 cm

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