Playing With Shadows course

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The Playing With Shadows Course is a great teachers, homeschool parents and individuals, young and old, who want to have fun with shadow puppets.


Playing With Shadows Course

Playing with Shadows - Child with Shadow PuppetThe Playing With Shadows Course is a great learning resource for teachers and homeschool parents. It is also fun for individuals, young and old, who want to learn more and create their own shadow puppets.



The course is comprised of 4 downloadable PDF instruction documents:

  1. Explore Create Play Teach Binder includes:
    • Welcome
    • Prep
    • Explore
    • Create
    • Play
    • Scenery
    • Teach
  2. Curriculum Connections Binder
  3. History of Shadow Puppets Binder
  4. Student Handouts Binder includes:
    • Self Assessment page
    • Checklist of “I can” statements
    • Peer Assessment Rubric
    • Bravo Puppet project

Videos showing shadow puppet productions done in WP Puppet Theatre workshops can be accessed via our YouTube channel, and include:

    • Ideas for Lighting for Shadow Puppets
    • Shadow Makers at Maker Faire 2014
    • Pegasus
    • The Banana Dispute
    • Different and the Same
    • Pop Up Studio – Sunshine Shadow Puppets
    • Pop Up Studio – Shadow Puppets in February
    • Shadowy Puppets – An Underwater Exploration
    • Puppet Pop Up Deep in the Sea
    • Thoughtful Sayings

Additional resources are available for purchase such as supply kits for making 10 puppets, a collapsible shadow puppet screen or a printed and bound Course Manual.

Online or in-person workshops can be booked with professional facilitators. Book now


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Teachers: The course explores the topic of Light and Shadows in the Alberta Education Program of Study for Grade 4 Science. Knowledge gained in the course can also be applied to other grades and subjects, including Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Drama and Health and Wellness. A detailed Curriculum Connections document is available for download.

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