The Art of the Puppet

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The Art of the Puppet

By Bil Baird
The Art of the Puppet is classic text on the history of puppetry around the world. There’s already one one our shelf!  It’s been  out of print for many years.

Here’s what the jacket text says:
Everywhere, in every age, one of mankind’s favorite forms of theater entertainment has been the puppet show. Here, Bil Baird, a master puppeteer of our time, recounts the history of his art, from its remotest yesterday to its bright and promising tomorrow*  Along the way, he examines the famous and outrageous Mr. Punch, the raucous Karaghioz, the noble knights of the Orlando legend, the lovely shadow plays of Asia, the unique Bunraku puppets of Japan, and the exciting developments in today’s puppetry around the world.

Who was Bil Baird? – check out his listing in the the World Encyclopaedia of Puppetry Arts 

251 pages, 8″ X 11 1/2″,1973, 72 pages in color
*at time of printing this is 1965

Used Book – in fair condition, with paper jacket
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