The Gray Jay and the Magpie

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The Gray Jay and the Magpie, links to the book, puppet pattern, instructions and video



The Gray Jay and the Magpie

Gray Jay and the Magpie cover page
This free resource features the story of The Gray Jay and the Magpie by Ken Lee, a puppet project and video link to 150 people retelling the story with puppets.

In 2017 WP Puppet Theatre marked Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, with a special puppet project, that sought to connect people of all cultures, celebrate the land and remember our Canadian values of generosity and courage.

We created a community video of a modern-day story about Canada’s new (unofficial) avian emblem – the Gray Jay.
We invited over one hundred and fifty, local, national and international participants of all ages, and their unique hand crafted puppets, to read and film the story, one line at a time!

This free resource includes:

  • Copy of the story, The Gray Jay and The Magpie by Ken Lee,
  • Template to make your own 3D Bird puppet mask
  • Link to YouTube videos of puppet performances for all 10 chapters of the story

In memory of Ken Lee who sadly passed away in Spring of 2022.
We thank him for the gift of his story for our use
and remember his compassion for people
and great love of the wilderness and the animals within it –
including Gray Jay and Magpie. 

As he wrote “…it is the power of imagination and art that will be crucial to people’s overall health”

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