Wiggly Snake Puppet

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Wiggly Snake Puppet: Have you ever wondered if snakes have ears or why they shed their skins? Shapes and patterns as well as science inquiry!


Wiggly Snake Puppet

This wiggly snake puppet incorporates shapes and patterns in its design as well as science inquiry. Have you ever wondered if snakes have ears or why snakes shed their skins? In this puppet project we turn to one of our favourite websites for answers, Wonderopolis.
Wiggly Snake Puppet Front Page imageOur puppet lesson plans are designed to integrate art, drama and English Language Arts. They are not grade specific and are created from basic supplies and everyday items found around the house so they are accessible for everyone.


In our lessons we like to include a link to a picture book or video that provides a ‘hook’ for introducing the topic and creating interest in the students. We also include colourful step by step instructions for making the puppet, tips for puppeteers when animating their puppet, and ideas for dramatic play and story starters. General curriculum links are also listed.



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