Program Reviewer

Program Reviewer

Puppet Provocations, Program ReviewerWe are developing a new On Demand learning series called “Puppet Provocations” and we need your help as a Program Reviewer!

Are you a former or current high school fine arts and language arts teachers! We’re looking for volunteers to review, provide feedback, and/or test our learning series targeting high school language arts and fine arts classrooms. If you’re passionate about education, fine arts, and are looking for a creative and unique activity pack that engages students in puppetry and beyond, we want to hear from you!

As a reviewer or tester, you’ll have the opportunity to see the learning pack, try it out, and give us valuable feedback on its design, its use, and how to make it better. These On Demand learning packs include an inspirational and engaging video presentation by international puppeteers derived from our Festival of Ideas Conference. They include follow up discussion questions, written tasks, and extension activities. Your insights will help us refine this resource and ensure that it meets the needs of students and teachers alike.

To sign up as a reviewer or tester, simply email and we will be in contact or sign up through our portal on Volunteer Connector 
Thank you for your support.

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