I had a great time at CTV Morning Live a couple of weeks ago.

Many thanks to Joelle and the crew for inviting me on to talk about my favourite subject – puppets!

Here’s a few tips for Puppets DIY  in case they’re useful:

  • Enjoy the process and don’t worry about a pattern or a finished product!
  • Try for some small projects with quick success and some multi day projects.
  • Put out all sorts of materials – shiny, colourful, up-cycled, natural, you never know what the puppet design will need.
  • Get inspired with memes, jokes, poems, family photo albums, short stories or fables.
  • Be an audience and buy a ticket to the show from behind the couch
  • Take video or photos and send to grandparent – give the child a chance to bring joy to someone else.

Create a little puppet that has lots of questions (i.e.: about Covid-19).
Name it “Why”.  The child can inform the puppet and be the expert. Reverse roles.
Think that if a the little puppet can handle all this topsy- turvy time – so can I!

Here’s the  LINK to my early morning interview.

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