I had a great time at CTV Morning Live a couple of weeks ago.

Many thanks to Joelle and the crew for inviting me on to talk about my favourite subject – puppets!

Here’s a few tips for Puppets DIY  in case they’re useful:

  • Enjoy the process and don’t worry about a pattern or a finished product!
  • Try for some small projects with quick success and some multi day projects.
  • Put out all sorts of materials – shiny, colourful, up-cycled, natural, you never know what the puppet design will need.
  • Get inspired with memes, jokes, poems, family photo albums, short stories or fables.
  • Be an audience and buy a ticket to the show from behind the couch
  • Take video or photos and send to grandparent – give the child a chance to bring joy to someone else.

Create a little puppet that has lots of questions (i.e.: about Covid-19).
Name it “Why”.  The child can inform the puppet and be the expert. Reverse roles.
Think that if a the little puppet can handle all this topsy- turvy time – so can I!

Here’s the  LINK to my early morning interview.

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  1. what is your latest experience working during covid 19 . how to connect with the children ?

  2. Hi Dilip,
    We’re in the process of moving some of our programming online to connect with our audiences during Covid Health advisories. We also want our performances and learning experiences to be accessible geographically, financially and socially/functionally.
    These are challenging times but they also present opportunities.

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