Puppet Pop-Up Studio Partnership

Join us by hosting a Puppet Pop-Up!


  • Provide, free of charge, a meeting or activity room that can accommodate from 30 to 40 people;
  • Host a fun and educational family program at your location;
  • Reach a new and expanded audience;
  • Include your clients or participants in the workshop. In recognition of your partnership we would like to gift you 6 complimentary tickets to your clients or participants.


  • Provide complimentary registrations for up to six of your members or clients;
  • Help you reach a new and expanded audience and raise awareness of your organization;
  • Acknowledge your support through our on-line and social marketing and verbal thanks you at the event.

Together we present a fun and educational family program at your location that:

  • Fosters positive social change for a diversity of people of all ages, ethnicity, and communities
  • Promotes puppetry as fun and engaging art form that connects people and community
  • Engages youth in our program through Youth Central’s volunteer program


Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.