Puppet Power 2020 Goes ONLINE

Puppet Power 2020 Goes Online


Puppet Power 2020 Goes Online


May 30 – 31, 2020
Calgary, AB, CANADA

In response to the Covid – 19 situation we have moved the Puppet Power 2020 conference online, with over a dozen sessions live-streaming May 30 -31 2020.  Nominally priced tickets to individual presentations or full conference passes are now on sale.

Can’t make all the presentations? Want to review presentation content? Recorded content will be made available for sale for a limited time after May 31st and until June 30.

Exploring Life’s Big Questions: Puppets Go Existential

A puppet rises from a fabric heap on stage, animated by a power beyond itself,
and it wonders—who is pulling my strings?
What happens if I cut them? Am I my own puppet?

As a metaphor for human experience the puppet provides a fun yet impactful way of exploring life’s big questions. Our puppet presenters from around the world, will discuss their work relating to some of the existential considerations of our time: Climate Action, Artificial Intelligence, Culture & Identity, Hope & Human Agency.

Are Puppets and Robots cousin? This “Festival of Ideas” will help people discover a new way to impact change in the world by using puppetry. The conference presents key learnings and tools vital to professionals in education and healthcare, therapists, and visual and performing artists. This is WP Puppet Theatre’s 8th Puppet Power conference since launching the biennial event in 2000.  Past Presenters include Martin Robinson, Karrie Marshall, Matthew Bernier, Chinese Theatre Works, Mickey Aronoff, Gary Friedmann, as well as Canadians such as Puppetmongers, Mudfoot, Sharon Bayly Treesh Leeper and many more amazing and talented artists. Themes related to the social issues of our times change each year from “Puppets as A Therapeutic Medium”, to “Puppets as Agents of Social Change”

This conference is for anyone inspired to express themselves creatively, develop personal and professional skills and promote positive social change. It will completely spark your imagination!



Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.