Puppet Power 2022 Finale-Fun

Puppet Power 2022 Finale-Fun : Collaborative Story

Puppet Power: Festival of Ideas 2022 has concluded but we are still enjoying the post conference recordings (for sale), the stories, the discoveries, eureka moments and much more.

Here’s a bit of Puppet Power 2022 Finale Fun from our online wrap party as we asked participants to each add a sentence to a group story. Who knew it would go where it went and who knows how it might end? Then Wendy decided to put it to a bit of video she was playing around with – just to add to the mystique.
And feel free to add your own ‘next line’ in the comment box below.

The wind was rising because the tide was coming in. She was trying to push the car out of the mud. But the car wouldn’t budge. It was time to inflate the emergency car floatation devices. By this point in the story,  she was quite unsure whether she was a human or a puppet. But of course, she was… Abigail the Rabbit. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a sand fairy at the exact moment the light of the moon was as bright as the sun. An elephant and a turtle slide down the hill and pushed them into a ship. Snow. And More Snow. Was that a human foot? It was a footprint. Looks like a Sasquash leaving the shore. And so Abigail thought it was the perfect moment to deflate the inflated car and open the car doors wide and share all the food that was packed in there, with everyone on the ship. The Sasquatch was big and furry and amazing.

She kept on typing feverishly…



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