Puppet Power Self Guided Puppetry Tour

Puppet Power Self Guided Puppetry Tour

Our Puppet Power: Festival of Ideas features many wonderful sessions – but here’s a chance to ‘wander off’ and enjoy puppets on your own time, with our Puppet Power Self Guided Puppetry Tour

We’ve selected four galleries for you to e: visit that will inspire and inform.



Museum of Anthropology (MOA), University of British Columbia (UBC)

Shadows, Strings & Other Things: The Enchanting Theatre of Puppets

Shadow Strings and Other Things UBC exhibitCurated by Dr. Nicola Levell and unique in scope, this award winning online exhibition consists of over 230 hand-crafted puppets, from 13 different countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The puppets ranged from a spectacular 12-foot tall Coast Salish rod puppet called Meh (with a mechanism requiring five puppeteers to bring him to life) to a collection of delicate 5-inch high string puppets from China (toys belonging to an 800-year old tradition), and hundreds of more characters besides.

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VIEW from the Inside, WP Puppet Theatre, Calgary, Alberta

VIEW from the Inside - Puppet Power Self Guided Puppetry TourCurated by Barb English this online gallery is a celebration and collection of this impactful work from our fall and winter 2022 VIEW from the Inside participants. The gallery includes photo images of the self-portrait-based masks, an artist statement about each art piece and compilation videos of their performative reflections.  The VIEW program, conceived and facilitated by WP Puppet Theatre invites participants to explore their creativity in a friendly, supportive community.

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Puppet Power Self Guided Puppetry Tour
at the
Center for Puppetry Arts – Atlanta, GA

Whether you are a puppetry aficionado, a puppeteer yourself, or completely new to the topic, the Center for Puppetry Arts’ Museum strives to help you form a deeper connection to the art form’s broad history and cultural contexts. From the ancient to the contemporary, puppets and the stories of their puppeteers, productions, artists, and techniques fill the Museum. The Museum features two signature galleries and an annual calendar of rotating special exhibitions.
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Puppet Power Self Guided Puppetry Tour
at the
The Puppet Collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Puppet Power Self Guided Puppetry TourIn Canada, although puppet theatre is not rooted in a long-established tradition, it is, nonetheless, increasingly recognized as an important form of artistic expression. It’s history, however, remains relatively unknown. The development of a collection such as the Museum’s enables us to begin a true exploration of this history of puppetry. What stories were told … which types of puppet were used … to whom were they presented? As we delve into the history of puppetry, we also begin to discover various aspects of a society: it’s mythology, it’s literature, it’s entertainment and it’s visual arts.

Click here to visit Aussi disponible en français

For more Puppet Museums around the world check out the listing on the International UNIMA website

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