A song-less Bird and a Mouse named Bakster, discover the true meaning of friendship

Bakster and Bird - puppet film about friendship

WP Puppet Theatre’s newest creative project is a 45-minute puppet movie!

It’s the story of two surprising friends – a bird named Bird who has lost her song, and Bakster, a philosophical mouse who dreams of flying! After many thwarted plans and close calls, they discover they can attain their dreams and find their true selves by helping one another.
With endearing characters, intriguing contraptions, original music and a thoughtful theme, this beautiful video production engages children and adults alike.


2 ways to Access Bakster and Bird TWO ways to access BAKSTER and BIRD Movie


  1. On-Demand with Puppet Projects, Games and more!
  2. In Person Screening with live Artist talkback and Q&A.

On-Demand option costs $55.00 CAN (plus fees and tax)
Provides 90-day online access to:

Click here to purchase Access

  • The movie, divided into seven short Episodes
  • Bakster’s Dictionary
  • Production Notes: Behind the Scenes Blog
  • Seven Episode Inspos **which use the power of puppetry to promote active and robust creative experiences and feature:
      • Introduction to the Episode’s plot and theme
      • Discussion Questions for both younger and older viewers to help understand the story elements and scaffold to further learning.
      • Instructions and Activation Ideas for a different and related Puppet Project for each Episode, sparking children’s agency and cultivating creativity.
      • Extension ideas and activities for further fun follow-up.

** (meaning something that serves as inspiration or motivation) Available anywhere there is internet. Excellent for homeschoolers, parents and small groups. If fees are a barrier please inquire.

In-person screening option costs $400 + GST.

If fees are a barrier please inquire. Through a grant from the Calgary Arts Development, we can offer a limited number of 50 % subsidized programs until June 2024 or until funding runs out.

It includes:

  • The 45-minute full length movie screeningBook Now
  • Post – screening chat with Creator/Producer Wendy Passmore-Godfrey and Q&A.
  • Option to purchase hands-on workshops in puppet making and activation for smaller groups for discounted price.

Available in Calgary and area. Audiences up to 250 people, ages 5 and up. Excellent for schools, libraries or community groups

Purchasable on WPTS Online Shop are more fun B&B items

    • Bakster’s Portfolio of Plans
    • Inspo Notebook + Stickers
    • “Artists Talk Session” (in person or online)
    • Printed and Bound set of Episode Inspos


Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.