Why the Rabbit’s Nose Wiggles

About the Puppet Show:

Why The Rabbit’s Nose Wiggles is small one-person puppet show and is ‘Covid -Friendly’.  We are still able to offer it live and in person, while taking the appropriate health precautions.

Why The Rabbit’s Nose Wiggles includes: watching the first part of the charming folk tale, creating your own paper sculpture puppet, and then finishing the story together with everyone’s puppets.

  • Perfect for a small cohort or family setting.
  • Best for ages 5- 10 years and/or intergenerational
  • Great for birthday parties
  • Running time 60 minutes
  • All materials supplied
  • Needs a 6 x 4 foot space.
Use our online form to book a show, or contact us at admin@wppuppet.com or 403.228.3373